Category: Life

29 Jan 2020

The Relaunch.

We’re Back. January 2020 marks the official relaunching. Lucid Perspective LLC, came to life in 2015 and for the last five or so years we’ve been on and off, coming out here and there, dropping content and dipping back out into oblivion. 2020 marks a new decade, and we’re hungry.

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19 Jul 2019

Puerto Rico Proposal

Guys… I haven’t made a personal blog post in a while, and what better one to make than my marriage proposal to my girlfriend in Puerto Rico this past July! I disguised the trip as a birthday trip, although it still WAS a birthday trip. I guess you can call it a two for one […]

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11 Nov 2018


So… This year’s 11-11 was crazy! Two events took place this year in my immediate area that I had no plans to attend let alone even knew about. Both kinda fell on my lap within a few days’ time. I’m sure other people may have known about these events for weeks or months, but I […]

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